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At Next-Level EM, we are committed to fostering the growth and development of students on their journey through medical school and beyond. Soon it will be time for you to level up!  And we're here to help.


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We are two passionate Emergency Medicine educators at a world-famous US medical school, and we have more than 20 years of experience as teachers, mentors, and advisors for medical students pursuing careers in our field.  Our goal is to support aspiring EM physicians by providing the information you need for clinical and academic success.

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Free online resources to take your knowledge and acumen to the next level.

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One-stop shopping for all the information about the EM residency application process you can stand!

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News and information just for our very own clerkship students.


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Helpful videos to jumpstart your success - comprehensive core content lectures coming soon!

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Brief and entertaining educational video detailing the I-PASS signout method, jointly produced by CDEM and EMRA.

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Another joint EMRA/CDEM venture, this one detailing how to effectively and succinctly present your patients so you can shine on your rotation.


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