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Jules & Leslie

About The Next-Level Team

Julianna Jung, MD, MEd, FACEP

Dr. Jung has served as the Director of Medical Student Education in the Department of EM at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for over a decade.  She co-leads the Core Clerkship in EM, a clincial requirement for all Hopkins students, as well as the elective Advanced Clerkship in EM, designed for students planning EM careers in, or for those who just want to build top-notch skills.  She also is also the Associate Director of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center, where she directs the standardized patient program.  She holds leadership positions in several courses throughout the curriculum, focusing on use of simulation to advance students' emergency assessment and management acumen, and she also directs the M3 clinical skills OSCE.  At the national level, she is a member of the executive committee for Clerkship Directors in EM, as serves on numerous national task forces pertaining to education and assessment.  She has worked extensively in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, using her simulation skills to teach providers and improve resuscitative care for patients.  When she's not practicing or teaching EM, she enjoys traveling, cooking, sewing, photography, and hanging out with her fabulous husband, hilarious boy-girl twins, and dopey golden retriever.  

Sharon Bord, MD, FACEP

Dr. Bord has co-directed the Core and Advanced Clerkships in EM at Hopkins for the past seven years, and has brought incredible energy and expertise to this role. She also serves as the co-director of the TRIPLE course, an innovative multidisciplinary experience for M4 students preparing to begin internship.  With Dr. Jung, she has taken her skills on the road, co-directing a Transition to the Wards course for M2 students beginning clerkships in southeast Asia.  Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, working out, and spending time with her husband and two ridiculously adorable curly-haired daughters.

Pamela McCann, MA

Ms. McCann, who will most certainly tell you to call her "Pam," is the life blood behind medical student education in EM at Hopkins.  In addition to coordinating all administrative aspects of our clerkships, she also serves as a simulation technician, standardized patient, student advocate, listening ear, and shoulder to cry on.  She chairs the Hopkins Clerkship Coordinator group, where she has aided in the professional growth and development of new coordinators across the institution.  She is also a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, and represents our department on the Diversity Leadership Council, while constantly challenging us to up our game for making our department a welcoming place for students of all backgrounds.