January, 1 2023

Free online resources to take your knowledge and acumen to the next level.

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Build Your Expertise

These are a few of our favorite FOAMs...


Online calculator for evidence-based risk scores and algorithms.  Great for use in daily practice!

The Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine national EM curriculum website.  This is a great resource for identifying topics for independent study.  If it's on this site, you need to know it!

Our institution's awesome educational blog!

A "boot camp" guide to EM, with complementary podcast - a great student resource for core content!

Evidence based EM blog with great topical reviews of current literature.

All the expert consensus guidelines that shape our practice, together in one place.

Academic EM blog with clinical pearls and tips for career and life success.

A great EM blog with an ECG library, toxicology case studies, ultrasound images, and much more.

Not EM-specific, but a great resource for learning radiology, with clinical cases, video tutorials, and images galore.